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Five Elements
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Water Colours


Five Elements

Earth, air, water, fire. These four elements, the cosmic essence of every natural evolving process, rich in values and symbolic meanings, are the raw material of my artistic work – as a source of inspiration, corporeal substance and attitude of mind.

Earth – to be touched. Mother Earth, which lays solid foundations and allows all living beings to take roots.

Air – state of lightness, where nothing weighs and matter is an ephemeral, changeable veil. In the air we leave the earth, we rise towards the sky, carried by the eternal breath of the wind.

Water – primordial flood. Source of every form of life connected with creation. We enter and do not enter the same river, we are and are not (Heraclitus).

Fire – flame that has its own life. It burns. It warms. It illuminates. Always leaving a trace of itself.

The fifth element, on the contrary, contains the enigma of eternal creation, the alchemical-imaginary-spiritual element of each process of transformation and of the metamorphosis of artistic creation itself. The same thing happened in my work conceived for the FABBRICA DELL`ARTE (Art Factory), which represents a passage from the expressive language of painting to a more conceptual one typical of installation. However, always in deep touch with the magic becoming of nature.
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(Fabbrica dell'Arte, Urbania - Italy, 2007)

Installation on ground 5 stainless steel tanks, stratisfied glass, water and anti-frost, earth, air, ash / coal, gasbeton and ultramarine pigment